Step 1:

The first question you should ask yourself is, is now the right time?  Why do you want to move.  What are you looking for in a home?  Find out what motivates you because we want to know!  Our goal is to help you find YOUR perfect home.  We believe that this process should be a fun and exciting time for you.  In order for that to happen, lets chat about what it is you are looking for.

Step 2:

Next step … Get pre-approved.  Not only will you will want to know what you are qualified for, in this competitive market, you will need to have your pre-approval letter when you do find that perfect home and want to write an offer.  Don’t know where to start?  Don’t worry, we can help you.  We have lenders that we love to work with and would love to help you in your journey. 

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Step 3:

The next step is the fun one.  Find your dream home! 

What kind of home do you want?  How many bedrooms and bathrooms?  What about square footage or lot size?  Are school districts important.  Is having a garage or not a deal killer?  Dig deep and let us know exactly what you want.

We will set up custom home searches for you based on whatever criteria you tell us.  Change your mind and want to add a feature, no problem, let us know.  Once a house comes on the market that fits your criteria, you will get an email with those listings.  Want to go see one?  Just let us know, we will set up the showing for you so we can go see it together.  Love something? Hate something?  Let us know so we can perfect your home search.

You finally found something you love!! Let’s write up that offer.  

Step 4:

Once accepted and we are under contract, we begin the escrow process.  This is a crazy, exciting time.  This is also the time where you get to kick back and let us to all the work!   We will get your inspections scheduled, get title work started and stay in constant contact with your lender and the listing party to ensure that your transaction goes as smoothly and stress free as possible for you.

Step 5:

We have finally made it.  The transaction has been completed.  Both parties have signed and the loan has funded and recorded.  Now the real work begins … moving in!

Excited to start the process?  We are excited to help you. 

Give us a call, send us a text, or write an email so we can start working with you in your home search journey.