Here at Greystone Real Estate, we think it is important to love where you live. Whether it is your tree house, dream house, vacation house … or heaven help us, the dog house, our diverse team can help.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, an investor, looking to move up or to downsize, The Jenny Pace Team has the experienced real estate agents you need to help ensure you can accomplish your goals.  There might even be some laughter along the way.

Our Team has over 25 years of Real Estate experience.  In 2016, we closed 60 properties.  We have grown since then so go ahead, throw it at us.   

We have a residential property management division.  If you decide you would rather use your home as an investment, great, we can do that too.  Maybe you want to expand your business, well, we have not only sold commercial real estate, but negotiated several commercial leases as well.  We are here for you whatever your needs may be. 

When you choose Greystone Real Estate, you don’t just choose an agent, you choose a team.